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GUTTER CLEARANCE  –  Clear out your gutters from leaves, moss, weeds and build-up of silt.   Kidderminster, Stourbridge & Tipton areas.

Don’t forget to book the clearing out of your gutters.  Its essential to remove leaves, moss, weeds and the build-up of silt to prevent blockages and damage to your property. Service area covers majority of Worcestershire and the Black Country.

PCD Gutter Clearance uses a high powered gutter-vac with an inspection camera.  Working from the ground we can safely clear out your gutters, gaining access to areas ladders cannot sometimes reach.

 gutter clearance      

Over the year, your gutters face the elements of weather and its environment.  Silt will build up over time and leaves will accumulate particularly during the Autumn.  The moss that forms on your roof tiles can get washed down into the gutters during heavy rain.  The moss then embeds itself into the silt and starts growth producing more weeds.  This can cause blockages, and in turn, damage your property.  It is essential to protect your guttering from this.

The frequency you should clear out your gutters very much depends on your environment.  Once a year, or every 2 years should be enough.PCD Gutter Clearance

We also offer an inspection service to evaluate the build-up.  There is a £15 charge for this service.  However, £10 of this will be deducted off the actual clearance price should you require a gutter clear. (must be same day).

Prices for gutter clearing very much depends on your property size and the amount of guttering you have.  Prices start from a loyalty discounted cost of just £50 for customers of our Window Cleaning service, or £60 for gutter clear only customers.  Please note that we require access to your electricity to plug in our extension cable.

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